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Quebec Election and Denial of Voting Rights

Quebec Election and Denial of Voting Rights.

I’m linking the National Post article that caused me outrage when I read it earlier today. Here is my take on the situation below.

The Parti Quebecois is at it again. This time barring residents of the province from voting in the upcoming provincial election because they are not ‘domiciled’! The discrimination is against Canadian students from out of province who have been residing in the province for more than 6 months, which is the residency requirement in most other provinces. This is a blatant violation of rights and needs to be dealt with by the court system. After taking Quebec Government & Politics last semester I learned a lot more about what is going on in the province of Quebec and the reasons why but the actions taken by the Parti Quebecois are inexcusable.

I’ve only ever been to the province of Quebec one time and that was a very short visit to Hull from Ottawa. I have applied for the My Explore French immersion program and am waiting the results of the lottery. I really want to go to Quebec and actually talk to people living in Quebec about the politics to gain an even greater understanding. As some who was born in Ontario, but has lived in British Columbia for 25 of my 27 years, I speak as someone outside the political climate in Quebec. That doesn’t mean as a Canadian I’m not allowed to have an opinion on what is going on in Quebec as it affects the rest of Canada.  The upcoming Quebec provincial election will be extremely telling as to the direction Quebecers decide to go in. Hopefully, it will be in the right direction and the provincial federalist Liberals win a majority government.



My Passions and Overcoming My Fears

One of my passions is writing but it is also one of my biggest fears. The reason is I don’t like criticism. I’m afraid of negative and critical comments about what I write about. I’m fine with constructive criticism but have difficulty dealing with rejection or people just not liking me in general. What I really need to do though is to just write about what I am passionate about, which is a lot of diverse things. My passions include politics, entertainment, religion, sports, and food to name just a few.

To overcome my fears I have to believe in my ability and have confidence in the fact that I do have something to say and it is worth expressing to the world. Some of my opinions and views will be controversial or challenging. Hopefully, some will also be uplifting and inspiring.

I’ve been on the journey of life, which really has been a roller-coaster of high points and low ones. What I’ve been learning is that my attitude affects everything. Having a negative attitude ruins the good things because my focus ends up on the bad moments, which consume all the amazing moments. Perspective really is key to enjoying life and finding peace, joy and happiness. Being positive and having the right attitude when obstacles come my way, which they do, is the key to becoming successful. Dreaming big and really believing that I have amazing gifts to share with the world has inspired me to make positive changes that have pushed my life onto a new trajectory. I now can look back on my past with a new perspective and see God working throughout all situations in my life to shape me. It has been tough but God used those tough times to test me and now I have a testimony to share of how Jesus has saved my life and the Holy Spirit has awakened me to His calling on my life. 

I’m excited to be able to share my passions and my dreams and my life through this blog. I’m strong and can deal with whatever comes my way. Fear is not going to hold me back anymore or limit my from using the gifts God has given my. Instead I will be bold and write. I’ll write what I believe, what I feel and what I know. I’ll cite my sources when needed and give credit but mostly what I share will be my own opinions based on what have have experienced, seen or learned.  

Maybe someone will read this blog. Maybe no one will. I just feel called to write anyways. No more letting my fears control my life. Instead God is in control of my life, even when I mess up and make mistakes.