Ron Liepert defeats MP Rob Anders in nomination battle

Glad this is over. Democracy occurred at the party level with a nomination race where in a newly formed riding a sitting MP lost the battle to the challenger. The conservative party signed up lots of new members and while there were bitter divisions I believe people will move on from this and Calgary Signal Hill will be won in the 2015 federal election by Ron Liepert. Rob Anders is free to hold the views he does but people are free to reject them as well and decide who they want to represent them. It was not ‘Instant Tories’ who wanted change. Conservatives wanted someone who represents their values and Rob Anders did not do so anymore.

Global News

CALGARY – Calgary MP Rob Anders, the self-proclaimed “poster boy” for blue Conservatives, has lost the Tory nomination in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill to a former Alberta Progressive Conservative cabinet minister.

Anders, first elected as a Reform MP in Calgary West in 1997, was looking for another term in office in the rejigged riding of Calgary Signal Hill but lost to Ron Liepert, who left the legislature in 2012.

Liepert says he won by a ‘comfortable majority.’

Anders, who is no stranger to controversy, had painted the nomination fight as a battle between blue and red Conservatives. He has accused Liepert of signing up what he calls “Instant Tories” from Liberal and NDP supporters in a bid to unseat him.

“I’m definitely a poster boy for the blue Conservative side of things and they don’t like that and Ron Liepert openly threatened our members of the federal party…

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