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Joe Biden’s lingering hands earn him nickname of ‘creepy Veep’

Watch out for Joe Biden! How is he VP of the USA? Only reason is that he makes Obama look good in comparison.

National Post

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He is the embarrassing uncle of American politics who rose to become vice-president, but even for Joe Biden it might have been a step — or a hand — too far.

For 28 lingering seconds Mr. Biden let his hands rest on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter moments after swearing in her husband, Ashton Carter, as America’s new defence secretary at a ceremony at the White House.

Leaning forward, Mr. Biden then whispered “sweet nothings” in Mrs. Carter’s ear, a tactic that the vice-president has deployed on everyone from senators’ daughters to US Supreme Court justices and even heads of state, like Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian president.

Mrs. Carter appeared to cringe — and a large part of America squirmed with her.

Mr. Biden, who was first elected to the US Senate in 1972, is notorious in Washington for his over-familiar style, greeting older women with…

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