Trudeau taking punches from all corners

Ottawa Citizen

Justin Trudeau fancies himself a pugilist, but even his supporters must be wondering whether the last few rounds in the political ring haven’t left him a little punch drunk.

In case you missed it, Trudeau this week stuck to his…um…guns and refused to back Canada and its allies’ military mission to combat ISIL. Once again, Trudeau declared that Canada should instead support a robust humanitarian intervention.

To which I say: Alan Henning.

Henning was a taxi driver from Manchester who was so moved by the plight of suffering Syrian children that he went to the region to drive aid convoys. He came back in a pine box after fellow Brit Mohammed Emwazi – a.k.a. Jihadi John – cleaved off his head in a snuff video. Given that others have also lost their heads for these same “sins”, I’ll wager ISIL isn’t interested in our charity.

I’ll give Trudeau the benefit…

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