Experts weigh in on parents who get shamed for giving kids freedom

Oh the insanity. Let kids be kids and have some freedom. Raise them right and they will be better off for that space you gave them. I’m in Ottawa and I saw two kids both easily under ten pulling a wagon with 2 mattresses on it by themselves and was impressed by how mature and responsible they were. Was a on sidewalk by a busy street but they kept safe by following the traffic signals and looking before crossing the street. No nanny state like the socialists want.

Global News

TORONTO — Regardless of how you choose to parent your child, not everyone will agree with it. And there are people out there who will also voice that disagreement, whether you care to hear it or not.

Many recently publicized cases of parent shaming seem to happen when children are given certain liberties.

In a recent case in Calgary, for instance, an 11-year-old boy’s father said his son was detained by security for shopping by himself at a Lego store. The father claimed the guard and the store’s manager told him children under 12 are not allowed in the store without an adult because of safety concerns.

He also said they called him a bad parent for not accompanying his child.

Another case in Maryland, in December 2014, saw child protective services open an investigation after two children, aged six and 10, were found walking home by themselves. According to media reports, the investigation…

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