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I am 28 years old and I am currently a student at UBC studying political science and am in my 3rd year. Was previously a cook in the restaurant industry. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada. I am politically conservative. I am also a huge hockey fan. My favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. I love country music, watching movies, watching sports, reading books, and lots of food. This blog will be focused on politics, sports and entertainment news.

Experts weigh in on parents who get shamed for giving kids freedom

Oh the insanity. Let kids be kids and have some freedom. Raise them right and they will be better off for that space you gave them. I’m in Ottawa and I saw two kids both easily under ten pulling a wagon with 2 mattresses on it by themselves and was impressed by how mature and responsible they were. Was a on sidewalk by a busy street but they kept safe by following the traffic signals and looking before crossing the street. No nanny state like the socialists want.

Global News

TORONTO — Regardless of how you choose to parent your child, not everyone will agree with it. And there are people out there who will also voice that disagreement, whether you care to hear it or not.

Many recently publicized cases of parent shaming seem to happen when children are given certain liberties.

In a recent case in Calgary, for instance, an 11-year-old boy’s father said his son was detained by security for shopping by himself at a Lego store. The father claimed the guard and the store’s manager told him children under 12 are not allowed in the store without an adult because of safety concerns.

He also said they called him a bad parent for not accompanying his child.

Another case in Maryland, in December 2014, saw child protective services open an investigation after two children, aged six and 10, were found walking home by themselves. According to media reports, the investigation…

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Movie Review: Selma is worth watching!

I saw Selma on Tuesday January 13th and was really moved by the powerful message that the movie portrays on screen. Martin Luther King Jr. is someone who I greatly respect because of his non-violent approach to achieving civil rights and equality for black Americans in the 1960s. As a student of political science and history I want to know about past injustices and what it took to overcome systematic oppression and racism in the USA through the Civil Rights Movement. Considering the current racial tensions in the USA this movie is extremely relevant and timely. As a Canadian I come at it as an outsider to the socio-political context of the USA but the impact that King and the Civil Rights Movement had is profound. The lessens must be learned. Institutional discrimination is unacceptable yet still is occurring today in the USA (in)justice system which targets the poor and minorities. Selma shows the brutality humans can show towards other humans because of group identification and racial prejudice, which passed down from parents to their children. However, it is also shows the compassion people have for those who are suffering when people see inhumane acts occur. The film portrays all of this with poignant and powerful words and imagery. The ending is extremely powerful and almost everyone stayed in the theatre until the end of the song “Glory” which is brilliantly sung by John Legend and Common. The disappointing thing about “Selma” is that not nearly enough people will go and watch in the theatres, even with the critically praise it has received. Americans, and people in general, don’t seem to want to reflect on past history that is difficult, but instead would rather go and watch “American Sniper”, which I also saw and thought was a good movie, which makes a hero out of a sniper defending American freedom. Go see American Sniper but also go and watch Selma and reflect on a past that needs to be remembered! My rating for Selma is 9.5/10 stars!