KD delivers MVP speech for the ages

This speech has made me a huge KD fan! Talk about an athlete being an inspiration and a great role model. Definitely deserved the NBA MVP award. I’ll be happy with either OKC or the LA Clippers winning the series.

Kelly McParland: Latest Keystone delay is another sign of a paralyzed presidency

This commentary by Kelly McParland is hard hitting and accurate. Obama is a ‘paralyzed president’ and when the vast majority of people want the Keystone XL pipeline and the State Department report says the pipeline is a safe method to deliver oil, much safer than rail transport, and it would be one pipeline in an extensive network of existing pipelines maybe listening to the vocal minority is not the best idea. We are still highly dependent on oil as the vast majority of cars people drive require it. Until electric and hybrid cars become more common and affordable we will continue to rely on oil produced in the oilsands of Alberta and oil drilled from the ocean. Also creates high paying jobs that people complain do not exist but then actively fight against them. Jobs in the fast food industry or the retail industry are not high paying because anybody can learn how to do those jobs with on the job training versus technical jobs or professional jobs, which require a huge up front investment of time and money. While Harper leads Canada, Obama flounders, and Putin laughs.

Ron Liepert defeats MP Rob Anders in nomination battle

Glad this is over. Democracy occurred at the party level with a nomination race where in a newly formed riding a sitting MP lost the battle to the challenger. The conservative party signed up lots of new members and while there were bitter divisions I believe people will move on from this and Calgary Signal Hill will be won in the 2015 federal election by Ron Liepert. Rob Anders is free to hold the views he does but people are free to reject them as well and decide who they want to represent them. It was not ‘Instant Tories’ who wanted change. Conservatives wanted someone who represents their values and Rob Anders did not do so anymore.

Global News

CALGARY – Calgary MP Rob Anders, the self-proclaimed “poster boy” for blue Conservatives, has lost the Tory nomination in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill to a former Alberta Progressive Conservative cabinet minister.

Anders, first elected as a Reform MP in Calgary West in 1997, was looking for another term in office in the rejigged riding of Calgary Signal Hill but lost to Ron Liepert, who left the legislature in 2012.

Liepert says he won by a ‘comfortable majority.’

Anders, who is no stranger to controversy, had painted the nomination fight as a battle between blue and red Conservatives. He has accused Liepert of signing up what he calls “Instant Tories” from Liberal and NDP supporters in a bid to unseat him.

“I’m definitely a poster boy for the blue Conservative side of things and they don’t like that and Ron Liepert openly threatened our members of the federal party…

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Quebec Election and Denial of Voting Rights

Quebec Election and Denial of Voting Rights.

I’m linking the National Post article that caused me outrage when I read it earlier today. Here is my take on the situation below.

The Parti Quebecois is at it again. This time barring residents of the province from voting in the upcoming provincial election because they are not ‘domiciled’! The discrimination is against Canadian students from out of province who have been residing in the province for more than 6 months, which is the residency requirement in most other provinces. This is a blatant violation of rights and needs to be dealt with by the court system. After taking Quebec Government & Politics last semester I learned a lot more about what is going on in the province of Quebec and the reasons why but the actions taken by the Parti Quebecois are inexcusable.

I’ve only ever been to the province of Quebec one time and that was a very short visit to Hull from Ottawa. I have applied for the My Explore French immersion program and am waiting the results of the lottery. I really want to go to Quebec and actually talk to people living in Quebec about the politics to gain an even greater understanding. As some who was born in Ontario, but has lived in British Columbia for 25 of my 27 years, I speak as someone outside the political climate in Quebec. That doesn’t mean as a Canadian I’m not allowed to have an opinion on what is going on in Quebec as it affects the rest of Canada.  The upcoming Quebec provincial election will be extremely telling as to the direction Quebecers decide to go in. Hopefully, it will be in the right direction and the provincial federalist Liberals win a majority government.